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One thing is clear and that is during a crisis what is really important rises to the surface. This has been the case throughout my life. A crisis is the quickest way to become more aware of your values and principles whether as a result of a conflict with friends or family or because of trouble at school or work. It is certainly the case with my current face-2-face university. Soon after the pandemic broke out, we were told to stay home, and then there was the transition to online studies. Information was provided regarding going online and using the tools. More directly, my coordinator kept me informed in periodical video conferences. Before moving to business, we discussed with each other how we were handling the crisis. These video conferences kept me connected to my work life and in fact maintained for me a connection between life and work.

The department went further to maintain the connection and a greater sense of the learning or educational community. We received greeting cards in the mail and thoughtful, howbeit caloric, gifts. One gift was an envelope with a Tony's Chocolonely bar enclosed-Tony's is a Dutch chocolate company that has the socially conscious mission to make chocolate 100 percent slave free. A gift with impact! I thought this was a nice touch as my Marketing students sometimes study this produce for projects. Another gift, this time environmentally conscious, was a grow-your-own-tree packet. I have yet to plant the latter but can't wait to do so. This should all come as no surprise because at Christmas before the crisis was in full swing, the department gave out other gifts, including a nice selection of books, always a winner with teachers.

So, my question is, what makes you sure you are in the right place? Can it just be the work? Or is it something else? For many people it is the team building--a good relationship with colleagues and especially the manager. In my case, I am in a hurry to learn Dutch to communicate more with my colleagues. The need to improve this skill, to upskill, has an impact on team building. What skill do you need to improve? Is it communications in speaking or writing or is it another soft skill such as empathy, curiosity, enthusiasm or motivation? Whatever it is, identify the needed skill and contemplate how you can grow your skillset to exceed the requirements for your job.


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