• Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD

Amsterdam During Corona June 2020

Updated: Sep 4

Things are changing. You can't miss it. The cafes are open inside and outside with the 1.5 meter distance regulation. The question is will this also work for #classrooms. We have no green light for either face to face or online for higher education. Even if everyone can abide by the distancing, with classes divided up, where do we come up with additional rooms? In the meantime, teachers are scurrying around for the #transition in #methods and #materials that is required for #onlinedelivery, and one conclusion is that the switch means a greater need for #communicationskills from both the #students and #teachers. The important thing with any #change is to maximize the #potential for #learning something new, especially skills. Of course, the threat of the virus has not disappeared but imagine if when we are on the other side of it we have started a #newcourse, found a #newjob, or just realized a new life direction. Try to keep an open mind, a positive outlook and a curious attitude. Groetjes, Barbara


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