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      I’m Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD, an American, native speaker, academic and career coach who squeezes the most out of every opportunity that presents itself.  I’ve had jobs in the U.S., UK, and NL with a number of universities as well as with companies in the business sector. I relish teaching in the online classroom, crafting conference papers or publications as much as serving the wider public with my personal branding expertise.  Engaging and empowering my audience, whether the reader, student or customer, is my passion and vision. The idea for The Way Learning Works emerged from a 25 plus year career backed up by life experience. The approach is holistic, authentic, and dialogic, and the perspective on knowledge production is socio-cultural. (See below for a selection of those I've helped with skills).  


      Lifelong Learning Philosophy

      Lifelong learning can be looked upon as taking advantage of the learnable and teachable moments in life in order to increase one’s knowledge and skills for the sake of personal and professional development. According to the Commission of the European Communities, lifelong learning not only encourages social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also increases employability. Not One Size Fits All: Everyone is on their own lifelong learning path and therefore everyone requires individualized attention via online coaching.


      Popular Academic Subjects:

      Academic Writing








      Popular Personal Branding Subjects:

      Job Research

      CV Review (custom)

      Cover Letter Review (custom)

      Interview Skills (custom) 


      How Can

      I help you?

      Academic and Professional Learners!

      Whether you are a student with the drive to tackle the job market, a professional looking for that pivotal move, military transitioning to school or work, an adult learner navigating a life change for job mobility, an expat keen on work integration or a company aiming to reskill workers, Academic Skills Online can offer you personal 1-to-1 expert coaching for . . .

      • a realization of your passions 

      • an activation of your academic/business potential

      • a shaping of your professional and/or academic bio and profile across media

      • an improvement in your academic writing skills to excel in critical thinking, research and persuasion

      • a fine-tuning of your English business communication skills, especially for international networking

      • a collaboration for job searches through self-exploration, job market and sector analysis, interview preparation, as well as review and revision of your cv/resume, cover letter, personal statement and more.  

      • finally, we firmly believe in more than teaching you. We also believe in teaching you how to learn as lifelong learners so that you can move forward with the skills you’ve obtained and apply them to future academic papers or job searches throughout your career.



      EU: +31 (0)63 808 4519 (WhatsApp)

      US: +1 610-726-1262

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